Massimo Restaurants – A Short History

Massimo Restaurants - A Short History

…the history of Massimo Restaurants…

Massimo Restaurant was started as a family-run business by Massimo, who gave the restaurant its name and brothers Dino and Stefano. Massimo arrived from with a wealth of cooking knowledge, garnered from his late mother Teresa, while his Glasgow born partners were involved in catering from an early age, as were many of Scotland ‘s Italian immigrant population.

With their passion and culinary skills, the boys laid the foundation for the first Massimo Restaurant in 1996, in Glasgow city centre, opposite the Kings Theatre. The Glasgow people discovered Massimo’s fine Italian cuisine, so soon the customer base grew.

In 2001 the city centre restaurant was completely refurbished and the next few years saw it thrive. Four years later the boys behind Massimo were looking to open a new restaurant, trying to bring good food at a reasonable price and friendly atmosphere to a larger audience.

In December 2004 Massimo Bearsden opened. This larger restaurant has a more contemporary design than its traditional city centre sister. It is open all day and customers can enjoy dining in the restaurant, or relaxing over a coffee or sampling one of the infamous Massimo cocktails.

Live entertainment is provided on certain evenings and this together with the bustling atmosphere makes for a wonderful experience. Recently a garden area has been added and hopefully “with some good weather” customers will be able to take advantage of this wonderful asset.

Massimo Restaurants management is concentrating on growing and developing their business and staff, to ensure high standards of quality and service. Chefs are trained at leading culinary schools in and taught to produce traditional Italian food and modern Italian fusion cooking to satisfy customers’ needs.


Massimo team.